Day #1123 (Wed., Jan. 30, 2013) – Making A Horsey

Daddy seems to have caught Katie’s cold so I worked from home today. I don’t want to give anyone at the office what I have. It is always hard to rest at home when Katie is here, but today is “Music Day” at school so she will not be here to “look for daddy”…at least in the morning.

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day at Katie’s school. My wife made a couple of lasagnas and took them with her when she went to pick Katie up. Upon returning I guess Katie knew I was at home but my wife told her I was sick and needed to rest so she left me alone. She is such a good girl.

2013-01-30 - Horsey
2013-01-30 – Horsey

This evening Katie and I played with the toy ball and golf clubs again. This seems to be one of her latest crazes. Long gone are the days of “patches” (crayons). As we were playing she started to straddle one of the golf clubs and run with hit…kind of like a “horsey”. I thought I would “jazz” it up a bit so I got out some tape, paper, scissors, crayons, and toilet paper. Voila…instant horsey (see photo to the left).

1) Daddy made a “ride-on” horsey for Katie this evening.