Day #1142 (Mon., Feb. 18, 2013) – Katie Rides A Pony

My wife took Katie to Leah’s birthday party this afternoon. I stayed home to put curtains up in the master bedroom. As soon as they arrived a couple of ponies arrived…so you know that Katie was excited. One of the ponies was named “Teddy Bear” and Katie loved to ride on him.

2013-02-18 - Big Snake
2013-02-18 – Big Snake

They spent a lot of time playing outside, but once inside the house Katie found a snake. A toy snake in reality (see photo to the right) but I guess it sure looked real. Katie latched on to that and wouldn’t let go. She would not let any other kids play with it.

I had to go downstairs this evening to see where the Portland Cement is located. I need to fix one of the kitchen tiles. Of course Katie insisted on going down with me and “helping”. She found a container with coins and made me scoop them up so that we could take them upstairs to play with them.

We got a package of “large” K’nex “Googley Eyes” blocks in the mail today. You can use the various components to build different types of bugs. It would be nice if there were wheels or more “animated” types of connectors.

Another rough night with Katie. She had some chocolate at Leah’s party…perhaps that was the culprit. I went to bed early but Katie woke me up so I took over and my wife went to bed. Katie and I played a bit, then watched a bit of “Goblin Night”. I asked her if she wanted to read a book but she said no. When I told her I had a special book to read to her she relented. I picked up the “Picture Dictionary” on the way to her bedroom…voila…special book. She eventually went to bed at 12:09am…

1) Katie got to ride a pony today.