Day #1143 (Tue., Feb. 19, 2013) – The Game Of Bump

2013-02-19 - Playing With Food
2013-02-19 – Playing With Food

After the day off yesterday it was time for mommy and daddy to both go to work. Becca came this morning and took care of Katie. Katie eventually woke up around 10am.

Becca took Katie to the museum in Durham today. Katie saw the farm animals and an alpaca.

As you can see in the photo to the left Katie finds all sorts of ingenious things to do with food (other than eating it that is).

Katie’s naps are usually okay. It’s the nighttime when she has a hard time going to bed. Today’s nap started at 1pm. At 3pm she woke up and turned her music on…but she slept for an additional 90 minutes.

3pm woke up for a second and turned her music on. Then went back to bed for 90 minutes.

Katie brought her pink box of toys into the master bedroom this evening. When I asked her why she said she wanted to make a campfire. Ok…

Katie made a new game called “Bump” this evening. Basically my wife stands at one end of the hallway and Katie runs down and bumps into you. Not long after this new game started Katie hit her head…so the game ended abruptly. Not sure when the next match will be held.

1) Katie invented the game “Bump” this evening.