Day #1146 (Fri., Feb. 22, 2013) – Katie Picks The Bird’s Nest

2013-02-22 - Bird's Nest
2013-02-22 – Bird’s Nest

Becca had to do some shopping today so she took Katie to Target. While there she let Katie pick out one item from the $1 shelf. Katie picked out a bird’s nest with three eggs in it (see photo to the left). The eggs were sewn in but my wife took them out as it will probably bother Katie she cannot take them out.

This evening Katie told us that she is having a party tomorrow. When my wife and I asked her if we could come she said “No”. She often says “No” before she even understands what the question is these days. As she talked some more we learned that Becca was coming. Katie then asked my wife if she wanted to help her bake cookies for tomorrow. Great…all work no party.

Katie helped mommy put daddy’s shirts in the washer this evening. She is becoming more and more of a helper.

Katie put all the baby piggies in her toy fridge this evening. She then went looking for the big momma piggie but could not find it. It’s so big and ugly it’s hard to imagine it disappearing…

1) Katie made “pretend cookies” for Becca today.