Day #1147 (Sat., Feb. 23, 2013) – Talking Like A Pirate

2012-02-23 - Winter Flowers
2012-02-23 – Winter Flowers

The flowers are out (see photo to the right). Spring is in the air…

I got the electric guitar out of the basement this morning. Once I started playing Katie said “Let’s play zoo”… No problem… I figure the more that Katie is exposed to music the more she will embrace it when the time comes. It seems that a lot of people who eventually worked their way into a deep love of music started that way.

This afternoon I put up some gold curtains in the 2nd bedroom. There is a bright light at shines into the room during the nighttime so this will help people to sleep better.

Katie had a bath this evening. I was teaching her how to talk like a pirate. We started off with “Avast Me Harties”. I told her she needed to shut one eye and pull one of her lips up. After she mastered that (kind of), we moved on to “Shiver Me Timbers”.

1) Teaching Katie pirate lingo.