Day #1156 (Mon., Mar. 4, 2013) – Brick Barn For The Horses

Katie still has a nasty cough today but my wife felt that it would be okay to take her to preschool. She has had it for such a long time now that she’s past the contagious stage.

I got an email from my wife around 10:23am today…

2013-03-04 - Doctor Office Stickers
2013-03-04 – Doctor Office Stickers

So far nobody called from school, so that’s a good sign. 4 kids called in sick in Katie’s class today. At 9:05 there were only 4 kids there. Katie didn’t give miss April a hug, so she said: “Katie, where is my hug?” Apparently the teacher got used to Katie’s loving hugs. She also said that recently Katie has been doing great at school.

It makes you wonder when the teacher says “recently” Katie has been doing great at school…

I went to the doctor today and as I was leaving I saw that they had a bunch of stickers (see photo to the left) and lollipops so I took some for Katie. When I gave them to her this evening she put the lollipop in her mouth and the stickers on daddy’s tummy… Ouch… Those stickers were hard to get off…

My wife went to bed early this evening so I tended to Katie. We ended up making a horse barn out of those large red cardboard bricks my wife bought a while back. We also put a bunch of coins into Katie’s red piggy bank. Around 9:15 pm she was tired so we went to bed.

1) Katie usually gives Miss April a hug at school.