Day #1155 (Sun., Mar. 3, 2013) – Cough Medicine For Katie

2013-03-03 - House For Reptiles
2013-03-03 – House For Reptiles

Katie still has a nasty cough so I went to Harris Teeter to get some cough medicine for her. The children’s Mucinex that my wife asked me to pick up for her only comes in cherry flavor…and Katie hates it. I looked for other flavors but that seems to be it. I did call my wife to see about a natural cough medicine they were selling but she preferred the Mucinex. So…sorry Katie…cherry it is…

Katie wanted to play outside today but we don’t want her to go out. If he cough gets better she might be able to go to school tomorrow…but not if she gets sicker. We played with the jungle animals and Duplo Blocks a lot today. The photo to the left shows a reptile house we built for all the frogs.

While my wife took a shower this evening I tended to Katie. We pretended that Katie was a caterpillar under the covers that would suddenly jump out and become a butterfly. Of course Katie used this opportunity to jump on the bed and dance around the room. Next up? A pillow fight.

1) Katie has a nasty cough today.