Day #1160 (Fri., Mar. 8, 2013) – Daddy’s Little Shadow

2013-03-08 - Walk About
2013-03-08 – Walk About

I’m not feeling well and have started to sneeze so I figured I had better work from home today. I went and got breakfast before Katie got up and Becca was playing with her most of the day so I really didn’t see her til she got up from her afternoon nap. This is good. If she knows I’m around chances are she will be daddy’s little shadow…

I’m happy that we moved to a place that has a large back yard for Katie to roam and explore (see photo to the left).

My wife and I are thinking of attending a seminar in a couple of weeks. The lady who runs it has worked for Sesame Street and offers insights into how to deal with your children. It can’t hurt and might give us a wealth of information on how to deal with Katie as she grows older.

We’ve started to think about taking to Ocracoke…or at least to Wilmington Beach sometime in May. Probably before the Memorial Day weekend when the traffic is not so hectic. This will be Katie’s first time to the beach. I’m sure that she would love to build sand castles and chase after the various birds and crabs and such.

1) Katie played with Becca for most of the day today.