Day #1171 (Tue., Mar. 19, 2013) – Helicopter Balloons

Becca came to take care of Katie this morning. Since Katie is not going to preschool til she is cured of the chicken pox, this makes a welcome change in her daily routine.

I went to the Dollar Store at noon today and picked up more toys for Katie. Since she is home with the chicken pox rather than going to school where she may potentially pass it on to children, I figured this might make her feel better.

2013-03-19 - Egg Tree
2013-03-19 – Egg Tree

My wife is getting ready for Easter as you can tell by the photo to the right.

I got an email from my wife this afternoon. Our neighbor Susan is in desperate need of a sitter so she was going to drop the kids off at our house. This was not to be due to the fear of Katie giving them the chicken pox.

When I got home from work this evening I gave her the first of the Dollar Store “Special Presents”…Helicopter balloons. As soon as she saw them she put them down and said that she wanted to play ball. She said that she didn’t like the nose…she remembered the Rocket Balloon toy that I got a few months ago. I guess the noise bothers her.

1) Katie doesn’t like the noise some toys (i.e.: Rocket Balloons) make.