Day #1173 (Thu., Mar. 21, 2013) – House Guest Zach

2013-03-21 - Zach And Katie
2013-03-21 – Zach And Katie

When I arrived home from work we had a house guest. Our neighbor Lucy is out of town so we are “dog sitting” Zach til she gets back. My wife told me that he wandered around the house for most of the day, kind of “unsettled” and trying to figure out his place in his new surroundings.

Zach really took to me. I think I was a calming influence as opposed to Katie, running and screaming and generally “active” (don’t let the photo to the right fool you). I would just pet Zach and he would calm down and rest a bit.

It was interesting to see how Katie would respond to Zach being around the house. We have been thinking of getting Katie a pet and seeing how she responded to Zach would be a good indication on how she would react to a new pet. All in all, the novelty wore off. She did enjoy seeing Zach, and playing with him for a bit, but she was soon back to “Jungle Animals”.

My wife tells me that we are going to be getting $100 for taking care of Zach. She refused money from Lucy as we are friends and neighbors but Lucy insisted. She would have to pay this amount to someone else, so why shouldn’t we have it was her logic. Not necessary, but we could use the money…

1) Katie is having great fun with Zach around the house.