Day #1180 (Thu., Mar. 28, 2013) – Collecting Acorns

2013-03-27 - Flowers Are Out
2013-03-27 – Flowers Are Out

I had a hard time getting off to work this morning…I’m back to being able to sleep again. I guess that I’ve turned the corner in regards to this cold/flu thing. Let’s hope…

The flowers are out (see photo to the right).

When I got home from work this evening my wife and Katie were playing in the front yard. My wife thought that as soon as Katie saw me she would go into the house…but Katie had other plans. She wanted to collect acorns! Katie was very emphatic that I follow the process she would define in collecting these acorns. I was to collect acorns here while she would collect them there. Then we would both collect acorns together at a different location. I tried to get away many times but she would complain and grab my hand and drag me back. Eventually I could take it no more and said I had to go talk to mom. Well Katie cried and cried. I went into the house and told my wife I wasn’t sure what to do. She said that she thought Katie would come into the house as soon as I came home. A lollipop was what eventually did the trick. I stuck my head out the door and offered her one and she eventually came inside…still crying though. I think she really wants daddy time now that daddy is feeling better.

While we were out collecting acorns there was this noise in the distance. It sounded like animals so I said to Katie “Doesn’t that sound like a dinosaur”? She replied “Maybe a T. Rex”. I didn’t know that she even knew what that was.

1) Katie knows what a T. Rex is…