Day #1179 (Wed., Mar. 27, 2013) – Little White Bookcase

2013-03-27 - White Bookcase
2013-03-27 – White Bookcase

This evening was the first time in quite a while that I had enough energy to actually play with Katie. She was so excited that it was hard to put her to bed. She wanted her “daddy time”.

My wife got a little white bookcase for Katie’s room this evening (see photo to the left). Katie was real excited to have a place for her books and started to hand them to me to put into place.

As we were putting the books into the bookcase Katie came across the tiny projector and wanted to play with that for a bit. She quickly turned to my wife and said “You go to bed, I’m playing with daddy” (Thanks momma for taking care of me all these past few days). We were soon in the master bed watching the slides on the ceiling.

While we were watching the slides Katie happened to mention to me that she is shy sometimes. I told her that this is okay…daddy get’s shy at times as well. She had a big smile on her face and loudly exclaimed “Really”? I said “Yes, when I meet new people I can be shy, but once I meet them they become my friends and I’m not shy anymore”. She seemed real happy with this response…kind of like I identified with her.

I put Katie to bed this evening with the line “I want to read about Australian animals in the dark”. She quickly ran to her room with me right behind her. A few stories and she was out. My wife told me that she has become easier to put to bed as of late.

1) Katie has been easier to put to bed as of late.