Day #1178 (Tue., Mar. 26, 2013) – Mickey Mouse Tops

Just before I left for home this evening my wife sent me the following email:

I sang the following to Katie: “oh where oh where did my Katie go, oh where, oh where can she be?”. Katie replied: “I have no tail and my eyes are brown, oh where oh where can she be?”. I sang something like that earlier and Katie remembered…

2013-03-26 - New Panties
2013-03-26 – New Panties

Katie is outgrowing her panties. A new batch came in the mail (see photo to the right).

This evening I gave Katie another “Special Present” from the Dollar Store. A couple of Mickey Mouse tops. She looked at the package but was much more interested in me giving her a “pink lollipop”. We played with the tops for a bit and I showed her how to twist them to get them to spin. She picked up on what I was saying and actually did manage to get a bit of a spin out of one. As her fingers don’t have the dexterity or strength to make it really go she lost interest after a bit…but she did learn a new skill.

A big package of 64 crayons came via UPS this evening so Katie and I tried them out. She has a sticker book in which you place stickers on one side of the page so that the scene will look exactly like the other side. I explained it to her and soon she was off to the races. This kid is smart! She seems to pick up things really quickly.

Katie wanted to get the masks out that our neighbors gave us for Katie’s birthday party. I was a pig and she was a bear and she chased me around the house for a bit. Soon we switched masks and I chased her.

1) Katie sure loves her lollipops.