Day #1177 (Mon., Mar. 25, 2013) – Raising Children Seminar

2013-03-25 - Relaxing Zach
2013-03-25 – Relaxing Zach

My wife and I attended a “Raising Children” seminar at the Church where Katie’s preschool is located this evening. It was 2 hours long and packed with useful information. My wife and I were happy to learn that many of the concepts we were already employing. Unfortunately I’m still getting over my cough, so I was not as attentive as I would have liked.

Zach can sure rest when he wants to. The photo to the right shows him on the master bed yesterday.

Emily came over and took care of Katie while we attended the seminar. Just before we left a sticker book came in the mail so Katie was happily playing with that as we walked out the door. Emily commented on how smart Katie was. I always thought this but as more and more people seem to make this comment I’m happy that my initial thought was correct.

When we got home from the seminar my wife had another package in the mail for Katie. A World Animal Encyclopedia. Not just African jungle animals, but all kinds of animals from around the world. The reason I think this is a good thing to give Katie is that she is so curious and interested in animals, but we don’t often have the information that she craves. For example we might know that an elephant has a trunk and lives in Africa, but now we will be armed with all sorts of interesting and useful information to fill Katie’s inquiring little mind.

1) My wife and I attended a “Raising Children” Seminar to help us in raising Katie.