Day #1176 (Sun., Mar. 24, 2013) – Zack Goes Home

Lucy is coming home today so this will be Zack’s last day with us. I’m not sure if he is sad or relieved… Being around a three year old toddler if you are not used to it can be exhausting…

It was raining today and we can see the little brook at the end of our property…it looks like a river. It will be nice to cut the branches and debris out so that we can have a free view of the brook when the summer comes and the green leaves are back.

2013-03-24 - Bath Critters
2013-03-24 – Bath Critters

Katie will be going to school tomorrow for the first time since she contracted chicken pox. Tonight we gave her a bath and washed her hair. As usual, she was not too thrilled with the prospect at first. It’s washing her hair that gets to her the most. My wife put a bunch of plastic snakes and frogs and other critters into the bath (see photo to the right) so she found that a bit of a novelty. Zach and I kept her company during her bath while my wife did the dishes.

Lucy missed her plane so she will be coming in late this evening. She will be picking up Zack here at our house and take him home.

1) Katie is going to school tomorrow for the first time since she got chicken pox.