Day #1198 (Mon., Apr. 15, 2013) – Zach Gets A Haircut

2013-04-15 - First Animal EncyclopediaThe photo to the left shows the “First Animal Encyclopedia” that we got for Katie a while back.

Lucy brought Zach by this evening. She took him to the barber and he came back with a great short haircut. Of course Katie was ecstatic to see him. When Lucy and Zach left she cried and cried. I put Animaniacs on the television…that seemed to take her mind off of Zach leaving.

We’re thinking more and more about getting either a cat or dog for Katie. Lucy made some good points this evening. One of the parents will end up taking care of the pet. She suggested getting a shelter dog that is mixed breed. Apparently they are healthier and have a better mental disposition. She also suggested getting a dog that is 2-3 years old as opposed to a puppy. As we all know you have to “potty train” a puppy and they love to chew on everything around the house.

Katie and I had a pillow fight on the master bed this evening. She also likes it when I pick her up and throw her on the bed. What a physical child.

Katie went to bed early this evening…around 10pm. Small blessings…

1) Katie is such a physical child.