Day #1197 (Sun., Apr. 14, 2013) – The Green Jacket

2013-04-14 - PollyThe photo to the right shows “Polly The Parrot” (as I called it)…yesterday.

The Masters Golf Tournament was on television this afternoon. Katie snuggled up next to me on the bed and I started to explain golf to her. She seemed very interested as I told her about par, birdie, eagle, etc. I then told her that the winner gets a green jacket. When a player hit the ball into the hole she would inquire “Does he get a green jacket yet”?

This evening my wife and I bundled up Katie and went to Subway for dinner then to YoPop for a frozen yogurt. She’s really into those “pop things in your mouth”…yellow and red.

After dinner we went to Lowe’s so that my wife could pick up some more plants. I took care of Katie while she shopped. There were plenty of water fountains so Katie was fascinated with them.

When we got home my wife gave Katie a bath. She said that it’s better to tell them before hand so Katie cried and bawled…she doesn’t like getting her hair shampooed. After the shampoo though it was hard to get her out of the bath. She took a lot of her jungle animals in the tub and played for a long, long time…at least an hour.

1) Katie loves to have baths…but hates getting her hair shampooed.