Day #1203 (Sat., Apr. 20, 2013) – Jonah’s Birthday

Katie went to the birthday party of Jonah, one of her preschool classmates, today. I stayed home and went through my files. It’s nice to have some time at home alone as I can actually get things done. If Katie is around I can’t do much more than play with her as she will try to “help”. Katie got to see some hamsters and a turtle.

We had a Skype session with my mother this afternoon. We missed our Skype session last weekend as we were working on the garden. My wife took her laptop down to the garden so that my mother could get a closer look at the garden. Katie told my mother that she saw a turtle at the birthday party.

When Katie is watching her cartoons on television she will go into “dream time”. I notice that when she does that her lower lip tends to protrude out.

2013-04-20 - Cats At The RestaurantThis evening we bundled up Katie and took her to the Hunan Chinese Restaurant down the road. I had the Sweet & Sour Chicken. My wife loved the sauce. Katie insisted on bringing her cats (see photo to the right). Afterwards we went shopping at the Flyleaf bookstore (used and new) in the nearby mall. There was a children’s section so Katie enjoyed putting the puzzles together and reading the books. My wife picked up a number of used books for Katie at pretty reasonable prices.

1) Katie has a protruding lip when she is watching cartoons on television.