Day #1204 (Sun., Apr. 21, 2013) – That Is Not My Intention

2013-04-21 - Dinosaur TrainMy wife went to a huge consignment sale at NorthGate Mall this morning so I took care of Katie. I went to the car and got her the dinosaur stickers that I bought at the Dollar Store last week. I taped some white pieces of paper together and drew a train. We then started to put the dinosaur stickers on the train…Instant Dinosaur Train (see photo to the right)!

I also taught Katie a bit about solar power. Specifically how the bunny would stop dancing when you put a piece of cardboard over the solar cell. I also explained how the ancient Egyptians were able to move those stone bricks (I put crayons under the Bob The Builder DVD to demonstrate).

I put Katie to bed around 1:50pm. She insisted on taking her toy cats with her so I put them into a container and left them near her pillow. My wife came home around 3pm with floor puzzles and a bunch of used books for Katie.

This evening Katie brought me a package of grapes. She has learned to open the fridge and get what she wants. She usually then brings them to my wife or myself to open. After I gave Katie some and put them back into the fridge I noticed an ostrich (actually a plastic toy) sitting on top of the hummus. Katie’s gift to the fridge…

This evening Katie said that she wanted to draw on the wall. My wife said “Why don’t you draw on paper instead”? As Katie moved toward the wall with her crayon she replied “That is not my intention”.

1) I taught Katie about friction and solar power today.