Day #1205 (Mon., Apr. 22, 2013) – Party Decorations

2013-04-22 - Party Decorations
2013-04-22 – Party Decorations

Katie didn’t get much sleep so she was hard to get read for school today. She was tired and even told her teacher as much.

At lunchtime today I went to the Dollar Store and found some party decorations for Katie. I brought them to her this evening. I also bought some clothespins to hang them up with. There were fishes, flamingos and toucans (see photo to the right). Just what you need to jumpstart a party.

My wife got a tube of toy dogs in the mail this evening…and some more cats as well. We were planning to give them to her when she was fussy and hard to manage. Well, no time like the present…she has been difficult all day.

All three of us, my wife, me and Katie had a workout in the living room along with a DVD this evening. Katie was the most energetic and flexible…and she loved to “Eskersize” as she calls it.

1) Katie is into putting decorations on the walls for a “party” these days.