Day #1206 (Tue., Apr. 23, 2013) – I Don’t Like That Thing

2013-04-23 - Children's DictionaryThe photo to the left shows the Children’s Dictionary that my wife picked up for Katie at the consignment sale on Sunday.

I had to work on a computer bug for work this evening so I effectively locked myself into the bedroom for an hour and a half. When I emerged Katie was all over me. She sure misses her daddy. She needs her dose of daddy every day it seems.

We ended up on the LazyBoy watching Animaniacs. I fed her some beans (one dish) and strawberry yogurt (another dish) as she watched. She would lap the yogurt up like a cat (naturally). Once I had a strawberry along with the yogurt on the spoon and she made me take the strawberry off. “I don’t like that thing”. When I told her it was a strawberry she took a double-take…but she still didn’t eat it.

Katie and I had another exercising session in front of the computer this evening. It’s amazing how strong and supple she is. Tonight’s exercise session on the DVD was cardio. Katie and I ended up chasing each other around the house…good way to get the heart rate up.

1) Katie is into Eskersizing with daddy these days.