Day #1213 (Tue., Apr. 30, 2013) – Katie Cleans Her Room

I went to Trader Joe’s after work this evening. Got the same ole supplies. Katie is running out of juice packs and my wife wanted me to buy some cold cuts for Katie’s lunch tomorrow (it’s PTA time…).

Katie was very fussy this evening so we had to be very careful around her til she ate dinner. Anything would set her off. Once she ate she was fine…or at least better.

2013-04-30 - Clean BedroomFor some reason Katie decided that she would clean her room this evening (see photo to the right). This is the first time that she did so. She put all her books away. She even made her bed. She even tried putting all her plush animals into the toy box in her room. “Sealy” (the name I have affectionately given to the pet seal we got from our Chinese neighbors) wouldn’t fit though…she was protruding out of it. I talked Katie into having her sit on top of the toy box.

My wife likes it when I play with Katie in the evenings as this seems to help her fall to sleep better. We spent a lot of time with her “Hello Kitty” set…putting the various cats to sleep. I would pick one of them up and give it a name. Katie would dutifully take it from me and go find a place around the house where it could go to bed. puWhen I eventually found time to go to the master bedroom I noticed one of the Hello Kitties sitting on it. Sleeping as Katie would say.

1) Katie cleaned up her room for the first time this evening.