Day #1214 (Wed., May 1, 2013) – Our First PTA Meeting

My wife and I met at Katie’s school with her two teachers and the school director at noon today. We wanted to discuss Katie’s performance and get any additional advice we can receive on how to best raise her. The main issue that came up was Katie’s unwillingness to share. They suggested that we be firm at home when she becomes possessive. They did mention a number of times how good her language skills were and how intelligent she was. Towards the end of the meeting Katie found us and came in and gave us a hug.

2013-05-01 - More CatsWe got another bag of toy cats in the mail today (see photo to the right).

This evening I was watching the hockey game when Katie came up and started to demand “Diego”. This was a good opportunity to teach her more about sharing. My wife and I decided that Katie should let me watch 5 more minutes of hockey, then she could watch Diego. We watched the clock as the 5 minutes wound down and Katie pouted. When the 5 minutes were up Katie promptly said “I want to watch in the bedroom”, so off she went. Funny…we could have set her up in the bedroom 5 minutes ago…

Katie decided that she would have a dinner party for her stuffed animals at the dining room table this evening. She even passed out “pretend” refreshments. Some of the animals needed to have a platform to sit on so that they could reach the table.

Later this evening I started to sing the old Spiderman theme song from the 1967 cartoon to Katie and she was fascinated. We ended up on YouTube playing the song in a loop. We even watched the episode where Spiderman vs. The Lizard. Katie had lots of questions like “why does he swing from the web”, etc.

1) We had our first PTA meeting with Katie’s teachers at noon today.