Day #1230 (Fri., May 17, 2013) – Salty Anniversary Pizza

2013-05-17 - Missing BootWe have been looking for one of Katie’s rain boots for quite a while now. Today we found it. Where? In Katie’s cabinet (see photo to the right). She obviously decided to store…just one of them.

Today is our actual wedding anniversary. Five years ago today. To give my wife a break from cooking we decided that we would order a pizza from The Loop this evening. Their pizzas are generally good, and we have a $5 off coupon. So, I ordered it and then went and picked it up. When we bit into it we were assaulted with the taste of salt. Someone downloaded a salt shaker onto it!

I called them up and explained the issue to them and they offered to give us a new pizza and a free gift card for another one. The catch was I had to go pick it up…but the deal was too good to pass up, so off I went. I was hoping the manager would take a bite out of the pizza I returned, but he passed. Anyway, I got a new pizza and a gift card, but the salt from the previous pizza was so overpowering it was hard to get the taste out of my mouth.

We decided that we would go and get some ice cream. That would help to wash the salt out of our mouths. Katie was very fussy when I first got home from work. I told her that if she didn’t stop whining then we would not take her to get ice cream…and she smartened up right away. In fact, when I told her that she had to take another bite of pizza or no ice cream for her…she dutifully took another bite of pizza. She gets it…

Off to YoPop for ice cream. Katie was very happy and was jumping all over the place. We have never seen her so bouncy. As a special treat she got a second bowl of “pop juice candies” (or whatever they are called). I threw in some gummy bears as an extra treat.

This evening Katie said: “Mommy, I want mango, but no yogurt, because it makes my stomach look like T-Rex”.

1) Katie understood that if she didn’t take another bite of her pizza no frozen yogurt tonight.