Day #1233 (Mon., May 20, 2013) – Toy Rocking Horses

2013-05-21 - Washing The WindowsWhen I got home from work this evening Katie was sitting on the LazyBoy munching on a dish full of watermelon. She sure loves her watermelon.

Katie is really into washing and cleaning up these days. Unfortunately the windows got the treatment (see photo to the right).

I found a YouTube video medley of children’s songs that is about 25 minutes long. “Old McDonald Had A Farm”, “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window”, etc. That kept Katie entertained in the bedroom for quite a while.

Later this evening Katie started into her fussy and whiny mode. She had her shush (i.e.: pacifier) on the table right in front of her but insisted that my wife get up and get it for her. When we gave her the choice of getting it herself or my wife taking it and hiding it she started to cry and went to her room. An obvious power play on her part…”You do this now because I said to”. Eventually I went to her room and got her and we watched the news together. There was a terrible tornado today in Moore, Oklahoma, and Katie is fascinated with all kinds of disasters…hurricanes, sink holes, meteors, tornadoes, etc.

Looking for something else to do I unveiled the package of toy rocking horses that I got at the Dollar Store the other day. I thought Katie would enjoy playing with them, but she seemed more interested in organizing them and putting them in the drawers of her tiny wooden cabinet. You can never tell what she will want to play with…

1) Katie is really into getting her own way. She insisted that my wife get her suche…and it was right in front of her.