Day #1238 (Sat., May 25, 2013) – Bye Bye Back

This morning I mixed the gas-oil solution for our two grass trimmers. Katie helped, sort of. I let her help me put the oil mixture into the gas cans. Alas, we could not get either one of our grass trimmers to work. The previous owner of the Ryobi grass trimmer said he always had a hard time starting it. I see that the fuel line on the Crafstman is broken so that’s a problem. All in all, no grass trimming today.

To make matters worse my wife was washing off our new bench at the front of the house and she threw her back out. She was in such pain that she had to rest on the bench for a couple of hours. I brought her out a blanket and pillow. Katie brought her a sleeping sack and a white clover. Once the ibuprofen kicked in I helped my wife move into the bedroom.

2013-05-25 - Frogs On The PatioKatie would not nap today. When I went her room to check on her she had put all the books on the floor. When I asked her what they were there for she said that they were frogs on her patio. When I said she needed to clean them up she said “Sure, we don’t want a messy patio” and dutifully put them back into the bookcase one by one (see photo to the right).

With my wife out of commission I had to tend to Katie on my own. She’s into scissors these days so our living room looks like the floor of a confetti factory. No piece of paper is safe from Katie the Cutter.

Katie went to bed around 9:30pm this evening. Relatively easy I might add. I just changed her into her pj’s and read her a story and she was out.

1) Katie is into scissors these days.