Day #1239 (Sun., May 26, 2013) – Dora The Explorer Pull-Ups

This morning I went to WholeFoods to get goat’s milk for Katie and to Trader Joe’s for supplies as well. I saw some shrimp on the skewers in the freezer section and thought that my wife would like them for lunch. When I got home I mentioned it to my wife and Katie overheard. She said “I love shrimp” and in fact, due to her excitement, we cooked them immediately. She ate them up. We are going to have to get more shrimp for her in the future.

2013-05-26 - Milk BathKatie decided to give her animals a “milk bath” today (see photo to the right). One more thing for daddy to clean up…

My wife is starting to feel a lot better, which is nice. Hopefully she will be her old self in a day or so. I’ve learned how to use the dishwasher and washer in dryer now…in order to keep up with the “mess” that is building up.

We got some pull-ups for Katie as she has effectively grown out of diapers. They have Dora The Explorer on the rear so she will love them. They came via Fed-Ex yesterday but with all the excitement going on we didn’t have time to get into them.

My wife went to the bathroom this evening and turned the wrong way and hurt her back again.

Katie and I spent the evening watching Wars Episode III and about what Katie and I called “The Lizard Monster” (i.e.: Count Drevous). We hid under the covers of a special blanket that he could not penetrate. Spiderman came and saved us.

I put Katie to bed this evening and didn’t notice that she had taken her diaper off. The result was that she peed in her bed so I had to change the sheets, etc.

Summary: I’m exhausted!


1) Katie gave her animals a milk bath today.