Day #1241 (Tue., May 28, 2013) – Becca’s Last Day

2013-05-28 - The ArtistToday was Becca’s last day. When she left I asked my wife if she cried. She told me no…but she was sad. Like all our former babysitters she will miss Katie.

You can see our budding artist in the photo to the right. She is really into dresses these days.

I picked up some vegan burgers at Trader Joe’s on Sunday. I made one for Katie this evening as she didn’t seem interested in eating anything else. I put some ketchup on the side of the plate as she loves ketchup. When I told her she could dunk them in ketchup she said “Daddy, can I eat them without ketchup”? Sure…

I put a red dress on Katie this evening. She loves dresses and the trick is to put her PJ’s on and put a dress on over them. In this way you can quickly take the dress off and she is ready for bed.

My wife is feeling better today…good enough in fact to take care of Katie while I went to bed early. My back is starting to act up after the past active few days.

1) Becca will miss Katie.