Day #1259 (Sat., Jun 15, 2013) – Katie Sees The Doctor

By the time I woke up this morning my wife had already made an appointment with the doctor. Katie is still complaining about her tummy and her fever is 101 degrees. As my wife has to go to an appointment in Cary it is up to me to take her to the doctor.

We thought it would be better to take a sample of Katie’s urine in case the doctor might want to run a test, but the question remains, what is the best way to get it. I thought putting some saran wrap over the toilet bowl might collect it nicely without too many hastles. Worked like a charm.

When we arrived at the doctor’s office at 11:10am they saw us right away. As Katie’s fever had gone to 102 degrees they gave her some children’s tylenol right away. Katie was an extremely brave and cooperative girl…in spite of her misery. She even laughed a bit when the doctor pressed on her tummy. “It tickles” she replied. The doctor gave us a prescription (i.e.: children’s antibiotics) for strep throat and wants to see us tomorrow at noon.

On the drive over to the pharmacy to pick up Katie’s prescription I told her how proud I was of her. She was brave and cooperative I added. She responded with “But I cried at the doctor’s office”. I said that it was okay to cry, in fact even doctor’s cry at times. “Really” she replied. Yes I added. The important thing is that you didn’t let the crying get in the way of what you had to do. You were cooperative and you let the doctor examine you. That is what is important. She took it all in.

2013-06-15 - DinosaursWhen we got home I gave Katie the dinosaur set (see photo to the right) that I got at the Dollar Store last week. I then fed her, gave her some of the newly prescribed medicine, and put her to bed (around 1:30pm). My wife arrived home about 30 minutes later.

This afternoon Katie would play for a bit and then her fever would rise. When that happened we would give her some medicine to cut it down and she would be fine for a bit.

This evening Katie’s fever started to rise again so we gave her some more medicine. By 10pm she was off to bed.

To relax a bit my wife and I watched a bit of “Office Space”, the movie, then off to bed as well.

1) Katie has Strep Throat.