Day #1258 (Fri., Jun 14, 2013) – Spiderman Paint Set

I took the day off work so I could do some work on our basement. I waited til Alexa took Katie out as Katie wants to help and this can end up being more work.

Alexa took Katie to Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store and they bought some beads to make jewelry with. Alexa says that when she goes to school we will be getting calls from her all the time as she will want to see Katie.

2013-06-14 - Spiderman Paint SetThis evening Katie was complaining that she couldn’t find her “Adventure Stickers” so I opened up my secret weapon…the Spiderman Paint Set (see photo to the right) that I got at the Dollar Store a few days ago. She didn’t exactly put the right colors on the right areas, but she had fun, and that’s what it’s all about.

Eventually we migrated to the master bedroom where she watched “Gespard and Lisa”, a cartoon about two dogs. She was leaning on my shoulder as I typed away on the computer. I could feel her getting hotter and hotter. My wife got the thermometer and yes indeed…she is getting a fever. After many yawns I picked her up and took her to bed. She was exhausted so after a story or two she went to “la la” land.

1) Katie has a fever this evening.