Day #1257 (Thu., Jun 13, 2013) – To The Big Pool

Alexa took Kate to the “big pool” for the first time today. I guess it was so big that Katie had a hard time figuring out what to do. She would wander around and then just sit down at the edge of it. Apparently she wanted to go to the area where people were doing laps.

I stopped off at Trader Joe’s this evening to pick up supplies. One of the major needs was juice packs. Katie sure goes through them. We have noticed that she will often say she is hungry when she is thirsty. I also got her some “ready to bake” biscuits…she loves them…and ate two of them when my wife made some this evening.

2013-06-13 - Cutting RibbonsWhen I got home this evening Katie was trimming the ribbons on the balloons. The photo to the right shows the mess.

My wife was not feeling well so she went to bed early and I took care of Katie. We started off by watching a bit of the Spiderman movie. I’m not exactly sure why she has taken to it so much…perhaps because I said I used to watch Spiderman when I was her age.

Soon Katie got the desire to paint. She wanted some purple paint. I tried a couple of combinations and when they yielded light green and dark green I decided to investigate on the internet. Ah, red + blue = purple. Katie was very excited to see purple emerge before her eyes and was creating a purple sun on her sheet of paper.

I was winding Katie down and about to put her to bed when my wife woke up. Tag team…she took over and then I went to bed.

1) Katie and I made purple paint this evening.