Day #1266 (Sat., Jun 22, 2013) – Katie Has A Rash

Katie woke up this morning with a strange rash all over her body. My wife made a doctor’s appointment for 10:40am this morning. I’m not sure why but all this drama with illness and doctors seems to take place on the weekend.

As my wife was preparing Katie to go to the doctor Katie said “I can’t go to the doctor…what if daddy comes home”. She is missing daddy in her own special way.

2013-06-22 - Birthday PresentThe doctor told my wife that the rash is just a reaction to the antibiotics that Katie has been on since last weekend.

My wife took Katie to Elise’s (a turtle classmate of Katie’s) birthday party this afternoon. You can see her present in the photo to the right.

This evening I did a Skype session with my wife and Katie. I got the chance to show Katie the presents that I got her from the Dollarama Store. Canada puzzles, Canada stickers, a Canadian notebook and a ball with the Canadian flag on it. During the session Katie was playing the piano and singing at the same time…perhaps this is her new interest?

1) Katie was playing the piano and singing at the same time today.