Day #1265 (Fri., Jun 21, 2013) – Daddy In The Computer

My wife and I stayed up all night making arrangements and packing. We searched for various bereavement fares…but they were really not all that much cheaper…and a lot more hastle. In the end we went with a flight that leaves for Halifax at 4am…costing $1172. Ouch…but what has to be done has to be done.

We discussed how hard it is going to be to leave Katie and how she is going to reach without a whole week of “Daddy Time”. Thank goodness for Skype. At least we will be able to keep in touch that way. My wife did mention that once I do get back Katie is not going to ever let me out of her sight…she really will fear that I am going away…

I made it back to Nova Scotia save and sound, rented a car, and drove home. My sister met me at the door of what used to be my mother’s house.

Back in North Carolina Alexa took Katie to the Life and Science museum in Durham. They got home around noon and my wife left to Trader Joe’s to get us some groceries. When she got home at 1:30 pm Katie was still talking in her bed, but she was out by about 1:40 pm. As my wife was passing by her room there was a cloud of really bad smell so my wife knew right away why she was up for so long…she pooped in her diaper. So, Katie decided to take it off and clean herself up (with 4 or 5 pajama pieces she found in a drawer). Her bed sheets were pretty messed up too as you can imagine. My wife ended up doing laundry while Katie enjoyed playing in the tub.

2013-06-21 - Monkey PalsMy wife gave Katie a “Monkey Pals” bath book (see photo to the right).

My wife and Katie left for the dog park at about 5:15 pm and got home a little bit after 7 pm. It sure was heaven for Katie…

This evening I Skyped North Carolina twice. Katie was up both times and got to see daddy. She mentioned “Daddy, you are in the computer”. She didn’t seem to be too worried, and at least she wasn’t crying or fussy about daddy being gone, which is a big relief.

1) Katie got to see daddy in the computer this evening.