Day #1264 (Thu., Jun 20, 2013) – Katie’s Grandma Passes Away

My wife had to go to the chiropractor this evening so I took care of Katie while she was away. Time for another “Special Present”…a Spiderman Coloring Book. She really took to it, at first…but as usual, the novelty of it wore off after the first picture was colored.

Once my wife got home I went to bed…I was exhausted. As usual, the plan was that if she got tired to wake me up and I would tend to Katie. She did…around 10pm…but with some bad news. My sister had just called from Nova Scotia…my mother had passed away. I called my sister back and we talked about what had happened and how to move forward.

2013-06-20 - Art SuppliesNeeding to unwind we went for a drive. We took Katie to the new shopping center near where I work. It has lights on the trees just like Christmas and she always enjoys running along the sidewalks. After that we went to Wal-Greens and picked up some water color paints and yet more glue sticks for Katie (see photo to the left).

It was hard to get Katie to sleep this evening as it was well past her bedtime, but eventually we did… My wife and my night/morning was just getting going.

1) Katie’s grandmother passed away this evening.