Day #1273 (Sat., Jun 29, 2013) – Flying Back To North Carolina

Only one last thing to pack…the pictures that my wife wants me to bring back to North Carolina. Packing done, I made my good-bye’s, and was at the airport for my flight back to North Carolina.

2013-06-29 - At The GymMeanwhile, back in North Carolina:

My wife took Katie to MacKenzie’s birthday party today. She had to drive out to a jump house (with plenty of inflatable houses) in Morrisville (see photo to the left). I guess that Katie had quite the time jumping and screaming and running with the boys (i.e.: Zachary and Jonah). The “three blondes” as we call them.

I arrived home around 8pm. I honked the horn like mad when I drove up the driveway. I was so happy to be home. I then proceeded to give Katie all the gifts that I brought back from Canada. She played with the Canada stickers and her notebook for a bit, but she really liked the red plastic ball with the Canada emblem on it. We spent quite a bit of time throwing it back and forth. I had to teach her how to throw the ball “underhand”…she has such a strong throw that she can do some damage indoors if she does “overhand”.

1) Katie has her daddy back.