Day #1274 (Sun., Jun 30, 2013) – Daddy The Baby

2013-06-30 - Muffin CakeThe photo to the left shows the “Muffin Cake” that they had at MacKenzie’s birthday party yesterday.

I woke up to the sounds of Katie beside my bed telling me to wake up. My wife was beat so I took over tending to Katie. We ended up playing with the 100 piece Canada puzzle on the living room floor. Of course those pieces will be all over the place before Katie is done.

I pretended I was a baby this morning. Katie gave me a suchi (i.e.: pacifier) and a mushi (i.e.: blanket) and I cried til she read me a story.

This afternoon I was so tired I could not take it anymore. I put Madagascar 3 on the television and the bedroom for Katie to watch and fell asleep. My wife said that she found me later in the day with Katie right on top of me. My wife said that when she found Katie she was watching television right on top of me while I slept. Shows you how tired I was.

Tonight I taught Katie about “King Pin”…one of Spiderman’s enemies. I told her that he stole and hurt people and that Spiderman would capture him in his web and put him in prison. I then explained that prison was a place for bad people where they live in one room all the time. “What if you had to stay in your room all the time and could not come out to play with your friends?” She took it all in…

1) Katie learned all about “King Pin” today.