Day #1276 (Tue., July 2, 2013) – China Under The Potty

2013-07-02 - Canada BallThe photo to the right shows the “Canada Ball” that I picked up for Katie when I was in Canada. She is really into balls…we just have to keep reminding her to throw them underhand when she is in the house.

This evening Katie said that “Daddy tells me that China is under the potty”. This is because there was a sewer near our house when I was growing up. My father used to tell me to not fall into that or you will end up in China. I guess the reasoning was that you would sink and sink til you came out on the other side of the world… Anyway, one day I took Katie to the potty and her little seat was not down. I told her to be careful or she would fall in and end up in China…

I recorded “Hotel Transylvania” this evening for Katie. It’s a cartoon about Dracula. Katie loves this sort of thing. You would think she would be scared…but she craves it. Go figure…

1) Katie sure loves spaghetti…with nothing on it.