Day #1281 (Sun., July 7, 2013) – Picture Frame Shopping

2013-07-07 - Picture FramesWhen I was in Nova Scotia I brought back a number of paintings. Given the fact that people her pay hundreds of dollars for prints, and these are real oil paintings, the cost of framing them really falls into perspective. With Katie looking for something to do, and us curious about how much this would cost, we bundled Katie up and went to Michael’s and AC Moore to get some idea of prices. It looks like it will cost around $100 – $150 to frame each of the oil paintings. I could do it myself but that’s not too bad when you consider the time savings. You can see an assortment of frames in the photo to the right.

While at Michael’s Katie fell in love with a little whale. My wife and I took the opportunity to teach her that she can’t always have everything she wants whenever she wants it. We had already picked up a book of little painting sheets for her. She whined a bit but when I explained the situation to her she calmed down. She was very polite and nice in the AC Moore store.

This evening, after Katie’s nap (yeah…she took a nap today), we decided that we would go to Yopop for some frozen yogurt. Another teaching opportunity…Katie spun the table and her frozen yogurt went on the floor. My wife told her, that means less for you to eat now. Katie’s response? She started eating from my wife’s bowl…

1) Teaching Katie she cannot always have what she wants.