Day #1280 (Sat., July 6, 2013) – Sandbox Sand

2013-07-06 - SandAs we were having breakfast this morning my wife and I got talking about getting a carpenter to make a sandbox for Katie. I brought up the idea of getting a couple of bags of sand to put in her turtle pool/sandbox to see how much she really would play in one. Before you know it we were at Lowe’s picking up a couple of bags of play sand (see photo to the right). She really didn’t take to it like we thought she would. Perhaps it will be different when she has some friends over to play with.

This evening I went to Home Depot to pick up a wrench for the pipes on the sink in the 2nd bathroom. Katie was playing with jewelry the other day and some of it washed down the sink. I have a wrench kicking around the house somewhere but with a lot of our stuff in boxes it is hard to locate. So, we need a bigger wrench anyway, so off to Home Depot I went. As it turns out I would have probably needed this new wrench anyway as it was bigger and provided more torque to loosen the tight pipes. In the end I was able to secure a couple of pieces of jewelry. Another teaching moment followed…telling Katie that she should be more careful and not do this again.

Katie is becoming more of Daddy’s little shadow each and every day. Perhaps the fact that I was in Nova Scotia last week has intensified this process. She will bring a book into the master bedroom for me to read to her. I will put a cartoon like “Iron Giant” or “Hotel Transylvania” on television and she will get absorbed in that show giving me a bit of a break.

1) We picked up some sand for Katie this morning.