Day #1279 (Fri., July 5, 2013) – Mattress Go “Bye Bye”

2013-07-05 - Banana SplitThe photo to the right shows the banana split we got last night. Very patriotic don’t you think?

I took another vacation day off work today. The first item on the agenda is to get rid of the old mattress on the bedroom floor. When we got a new mattress it was placed there and became a source of entertainment for Katie. She would bounce up and down on it whenever she came into the room. It gradually lost its appeal, so time to go “bye bye”. We thought we would put it in the attic but eventually decided to just get rid of it. Awkward, but a box cutter made quick work of it. UPDATE: In the end we decided to keep some of it…

Katie wanted to do something this evening so we decided we would go out for some YoPop. On the drive over Katie kept saying that she wanted red pop but not yellow. We didn’t clue in to what she was talking about til we got to the store. She was saying that she wanted the red juicy pops…not the yellow ones. The end result? When we checked out she had both red and yellow ones.

As we were stilling at the table eating our frozen yogurt I gave Katie a hershey kiss. She loved it. So much in fact that she wanted some more as we passed by the buffet table to leave the store. It took a bit of coaxing to get her out the door. How? We said that we would go see Zach…which is true. Unfortunately Lucy was busy so we didn’t see Zach…tantrum time for Katie…

1) Katie loves red but not yellow juicy pops.