Day #1299 (Thu., July 25, 2013) – Katie’s First Sugar Cone

My wife had a headache this evening so I decided that I would take Katie out to Maple View Farms for an ice cream cone so my wife could take a nap. There is no point in having Katie around the house if you are trying to nap. First off, her voice carries through the corridors. Secondly, she runs around, up and down the hallway, like a little gazelle. Thirdly, she will sometimes break free of me and go into my wife’s room to say hi.

2013-07-25 - Biting The Cone's EndI didn’t get any ice cream this evening, but I got a scoop of strawberry ice cream on a sugar cone for Katie. As Katie tends to run around and let the ice cream melt I decided that we would sit at the tables inside for a bit so she could at least taste it in it’s frozen state. She really liked the sugar cone…something to keep in mind. This is the first time I ever saw her bite the end of a cone (see photo to the left).

There was not too much activity happening at Maple View Farms so after playing a bit I decided I would take Katie to the Elementary School near our house. She enjoyed playing on the “rope tree” (if that’s what you call it), but she also got a great kick out of the “roller slide”. I’m not sure what she enjoyed more…going down it herself, or watching daddy go down it.

1) Katie had her first sugar cone this evening.