Day #1298 (Wed., July 24, 2013) – Katie Bites Me…

2013-07-24 - Cartoon BookThe photo to the left shows the cartoon book I brought back from Canada. I used it to teach me drawing when I was a kid…maybe Katie will find inspiration from it one day.

My wife and I were lying on the bed this evening when Katie came in to join us. She was energized, so the first thing I had to guard against was her jumping on my knee. It seems that as soon as it is marginally recovered she manages to jump on it or hit it…which starts the whole healing process over again.

Katie started off by hugging mommy and semi-ignoring daddy…continuing the attitude she has exemplified as of late…meaning “more into mommy than daddy”. Not sure what’s up with that, but it’s nice to see. Not only from the point of view that it’s nice to see her kind to my wife, but it means I have a few more minutes of “free time” from daddy’s little shadow.

I noticed that Katie was biting my wife’s clothing. She bit things when she was teething, but I’m not sure what’s up with all this biting as of late…and where it came from. All of a sudden Katie bit me on the arm. It hurt, in fact hurt so much that I let out a scream. This scream scared Katie and she ran to her room to cry. I went to get her after a bit to explain to her that you don’t bite people. I made sure to show her I was putting some ointment on my arm so it would not get infected.

1) Katie bit me this evening.