Day #1301 (Sat., July 27, 2013) – Employing Logic

Katie was up at 6am this morning. We decided that we would just have breakfast and go to Michael’s to pick up the oil paintings we ordered for framing a couple of weeks ago. Rather than have to endure Katie’s “desires” for a toy at Michael’s I took her to the next door Dollar Store while my wife picked up the pictures. I told Katie that she could have one thing and she wandered around the store til she settled upon a Spiderman Helium Balloon.

2013-07-27 - Spiderman BalloonOn the way back home Katie asked if she could cut the string on the balloon. I suggested that she leave it there so that she could get the balloon if it floated to the ceiling. She replied “but you are taller so you can reach it if I cut it”. It’s amazing to see her employ logic at such a young age. If she cut the string she would need to find a solution to the problem and daddy was it. Later in the day I showed Katie how to create an “equilibrium” with the balloon by taping some straws on the string (see photo to the right).

This evening I gave Katie the Dinosaur Sticker Set that I also picked up at the Dollar Tree this morning. We played with that for quite a while. We then blew up some balloons and danced around to Lawrence Welk. Before too long it was time to go to bed.

1) It’s nice to see Katie employing logic to solve problems.