Day #1302 (Sun., July 28, 2013) – “Gollywoggles”

2013-08-28 - Toy DollWe lounged around the house for most of today. I did give Katie the paper doll kit that I picked up at the Dollar Store yesterday. It was actually quite an elaborate setup for only a buck. It had the doll and some clothes you could put on her of course, but added to that were some wonderful extras. For example, there was a coat rack and a set of hangers to put the clothes on (see photo to the right). In addition there were some sequins and double-faced tape to put them on with. Quite the deal for only $1.

This evening my wife needed diapers for Katie so we went to Wal-Greens. Afterwards we went to the elementary school so Katie could run around. She loved playing on the “rope tree” and “roller slide” of course, but we found a couple more games that she could enjoy. For example, the “jumpy bridge”. In this game Katie would try to walk across the suspension bridge while I jumped up and down on it. In the second game we took turns throwing the ball up the slide and catching it when it came down.

As we were leaving the school it was getting late. I told her we had better get home before the “gollywoggles” get us. Of course this sparked her imagination and she wanted to know all about “gollywoggles”…

1) Katie is fascinated by gollywoggles.