Day #1303 (Mon., July 29, 2013) – Yellow Yo Yo

My wife took Katie to the dentist this morning. She has areas of potential decay, so after every sweet we need to brush her teeth. The dentist told her that since the gums at the top of the teeth are sensitive we need to cover them with our fingers or else she will not let us brush them. Katie did get a tiny little yellow yo-yo from the dentist. I guess Katie even asked how it worked.

2013-07-29 - Water ColorsI took today off as a vacation day today. My wife needs to have her compost bin fixes so I went to Home Depot to get some metal rods and a sledge hammer. Our neighbor Alan brought her girls by for a visit this evening but after they left we went outside to fix it. Katie wanted to help so I let her swing the hammer…a bit too heavy for her.

I stopped by Michaels on the way home from the Home Depot this afternoon and picked up a package of watercolor pictures (see photo to the right). They come attached in a single pad and each page has the water colors on them.

1) We need to brush Katie’s teeth after every sweet now.