Day #1304 (Tue., July 30, 2013) – Katie With The Neighbors

2013-07-30 - FlowersBoth my wife and I had doctor’s appointments this morning so we left Katie in the capable hands of our neighbors, the Sui’s. She stopped over at our house before we left at 9am and when Katie awoke at 10am she took her over to her place to play. She even took her for a walk around the neighborhood. When we returned I went to their place to pick Katie up. They gave us some nice flowers to take home (see photo to the right). As I was leaving I said that we were planning on having them over sometime…and Katie actually said the same “We are planning on having you over sometime”. They laughed.

Today was a rather eventful day in that this was the last day Katie had a nap. We will need to pay for more babysitter hours now.

I took a vacation day from work today so I tended to Katie most of the day while my wife rested. We are out of strawberries…rats…that is one thing that Katie really enjoys. I did give her some almond butter on rye bread and she took to that. Good, the more she eats the easier it is to put her to bed.

In the evening we made a “cat mountain” out of Play Doh. We then fed them some vanilla cookies (pretend of course).


1) The Sui’s took care of Katie this morning.