Day #1305 (Wed., July 31, 2013) – Katie’s New Babysitter

At 9am this morning we met Anya, who was to become Katie’s new babysitter. She is a graduate of Appalacian State and is planning to get her PhD in Occupational Therapy. She will be with us for a few weeks in August. Katie woke up while she was here so she did get to meet her…but since Katie was still tired she was not as animated as she usually is.

I went to Trader Joe’s at noon today today. Got plenty of supplies but as usual, plenty of juice packs and strawberries.

2013-07-31 - Glitter GlueThis evening we decided to take Katie to Wal-Greens so I could pick up a subscription. While there we got Katie some crayons and “red glitter glue” (see photo to the right). Afterwards we went to the local elementary school so she could get some exercise. There were two big girls there who Katie kept chasing after. They were ignoring her but Katie didn’t mind. She just followed after them impervious to their lack of interest. My wife and I marvel at how bold and outgoing she is.

1) We interviewed Katie’s new babysitter Anya today.