Day #1321 (Fri., Aug. 16, 2013) – Spicy Gummy Bears

Katie got up in the middle of the night as she was hungry. Here’s the exchange she had with my wife:

4:10 am – Katie: “I am hungry”.
Wife: “Would you like an apple”.
Katie: “I don’t like apples. But I like gummy bears. You can try and see if we have any gummy bears”.
My wife brings her a few.
Katie: “Did you take the spice out?”
My wife takes the spice out.
NOTE: The reason she asked my wife to take the spice out is that she thinks yellow gummy bears have spice in them. She must have eaten one a while back after spicy food or something. Anyway, that’s what she thinks. A few days ago I gave her some yellow gummy bears but told her that I took the spice out as I knew she didn’t like it. After eating one she said “Yummy”…problem solved.

2013-08-16 - Spiderman Stamp KitMy wife and I both had appointments this morning. When we returned just before noon Katie was crying. Apparently Anya would not let her have any ice cream for breakfast. My wife said that it was okay to give her a bowl as she would at least get some protein. Problem solved.

Katie wanted to hang around the house today.

This evening Katie was pestering me for a present so I gave her a “Spiderman Stamp Kit” (see photo to the right).

1) Katie likes yellow gummy bears…if you take the spice out.