Day #1332 (Tue., Aug. 27, 2013) – Margaret’s First Day

2013-08-27-Hairdressing HorseyToday was Margaret’s first day and my wife had to go to a conference in Cary. As a result I worked from home in the morning so that Margaret could get better acquainted with the place and Katie in general. When my wife returned in the afternoon I went to work. I showed Margaret a few things that Katie likes to play with…such as “animal hospital” (what she’s into as of late). You pretend that the various plastic toy animals are sick and need to be taken to a Duplo hospital to get better. Katie showed her how to put flowers on her pony (see photo to the left).

When I got home this evening Katie was in the tub. She had just received a package of marine animals from Amazon was was trying them out. There were actually quite a few of them, ranging from clams and underwater plant life to sea horses and octopuses. Play eventually evolved into lining them up on the side of the tub so I could shoot them into the water with a squirt gun. Katie loved this game…so much so that it was hard to pry myself away from it. When Katie and I started to have a contest to see who could yell the loudest I knew it was time to take her out of the tub…

1) Today was Margaret’s (Katie’s new babysitter) first day.