Day #1331 (Mon., Aug. 26, 2013) – Stephanie’s First Day

I stopped off at Trader Joe’s on the way home from work this evening to pick up supplies. Katie told me that she wanted marshmallows. They don’t sell regular marshmallows, but they do have ones dipped in dark chocolate. I picked up a pack…but we are going to have to give them to Katie as a special treat only on special occasions.

Today is Stephanie’s first day as Katie’s babysitter. When I came home from work this evening I saw some chalk drawings on the concrete slab in front of our house. I guess Katie and her were drawing and playing hopscotch outside.

2013-08-26-Paint SetLast year today Gwen started as our babysitter. My how time flies…

I gave Katie a present this evening…another watercolor kit (see photo to the right). It had superhero’s on the outside but when I opened it up, voila, there was a picture of a couple of princesses. Katie took charge and painted one of the dresses purple. She then showed me exactly how she wanted me to paint the gazebo (figures…).

1) Today was Stephanie’s (Katie’s new babysitter) first day.